Garageband: Compose music quickly with samples

With Garageband, you can quickly and easily compose music on your Mac and now Android using the Garageband Android apk, even if you don’t master an instrument at all. Because the program supplied free of charge with Apple computers provides several gigabytes of music samples, from which you can easily put together your own piece of music. Read how to do it here.

Composing music with a garage band

This is how you can compose your own piece of music with samples:

Create and prepare a new project

  1. Click  File – New .
  2. Select Empty Project with one click  and click on  Selection .
  3. Select audio as the track type  and the microphone below. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing.
  4. Click on  Generate .
  5. There follows a click on  View – Show Apple Loops .
  6. At the top of the garage belt window you will find the pace in the middle  .
  7. Click on the value and drag it up or down while keeping the mouse button pressed. This will increase or decrease the tempo of your composition. (You can also change the value later).
Set the garage belt speed
At the top of the Garageband window you will find the option to set the tempo of your piece.

The preparations are now complete. If you see only a few or no loops, get them with  Garageband – Sound Library – Load basic sounds from the Internet. If you have the time, storage space and bandwidth, we recommend that you  load the complete sound library with Load all available sounds .

Note: We use the terms “sample” and “loop” synonymously – the terms mean the same thing.

Garage band first track
Click the microphone to create the first track.

Select music style and listen to samples

The next step is to think about the direction in which your piece of music is going. We recommend the following steps:

  1. In the  Loop Packs area, you will see buttons for instrument,  genre, and moods. Clicking the buttons allows you to filter the samples. You can also combine filters, for example, the instrument guitar and the genre rock/blues.
  2. With the help of key and looking refine the loop selection.
  3. To listen to a loop, click it once. It starts up automatically.
  4. To stop playing, click the loop again.
  5. You can only play one loop at a time. However, it is possible to start the piece of music first and then click on the loop. In this case, you will hear your existing piece of music and the loop.

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OG YouTube 3.5 APK – Android App

“OG YouTube” is a modified YouTube client with an integrated downloader and numerous useful special functions.

Note: You may have to install the MicroG app, which you can get from the manufacturer’s Mediafire website before you can use “OG YouTube”.

The modified YouTube app “OG YouTube” extends the functionality of the original app with practical features.

OG YouTube: Stream videos, play in the background and download

“OG YouTube” is based on the original and looks confusingly similar to it. Only an inconspicuous download button was integrated into the user interface. With this button you start the download of the respective video. You can then choose the format and quality. The freeware supports the file formats 3GB, FLV, MP3 and MP4 as well as all quality levels from 140p to 1080p, which can also be selected during playback. Multiple parallel downloads are also no problem for the application.

You can use the settings to specify the storage location for video and audio files separately or to activate background playback. Videos in the app continue to be played in the background even when the screen is switched off, which is extremely practical when listening to music on YouTube and saves energy.