Never Lose Your Mistplay Again

At first glance you may see how to earn points, in fact if you click on the information icon a distinct message about the points multiplier will appear. In cases like this, the things you receive thanks to the game multiply by x2.5. In the following image it’s fairly apparent that the longer you play, the more points you will receive. This game specifically the h ***, we’re extremely cool.

This stage is quite important and is that if you are going to begin playing or abandon the game to resume it later, you will need to do it from Mistplay. Should you get the game individually, it will not count towards your PEJ points. Therefore you have to enter the program, search for the sport and restart it. This manner mistplay codes can monitor your usage of this external game and if you are meeting the prerequisites.

In this case we have chosen”State of Survival: zombie survival war” from the favorites section.

Choose a match


Install the game

As you get more PEJ you’ll also level up. Everyone starts at the Bronze level and may move up to Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more hours you play, the more chances you have to acquire gems and unlock the next levels.

Now, it ought to be noted that the matches are not standard of Mistplay, but they pay you to download different apps and play together. You may think that there are already many applications of this style but this one includes a peculiarity and this is that in each game you can locate an exclusive CHAT where it’s possible to access codes, cheats and even meet people with the same tastes as Mistplay also has part of the social networking.

Play from Mistplay

Here is a good example of how to download an app from Mistplay and make points and gems. You’ll Find a Menu at the bottom:

Apart from being a game app that lets us earn money, it is also sponsored as a place where we can find friends with the very same interests.




Bonus and Mistplay contest

Mistplay is the normal program in which you find items as you use it. For instance, the daily game incentive that’s divided to the seven days of the week. If you manage to play 7 days in a row for five or more minutes, you may get two gems.

Before we begin, tell you that in the event that you’ve used an invitation connection like this, you will receive 250 points for the face. You also find additional points when you sign up to their own YouTube channel, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. With these three steps you will get a total of 275 points.

The contest is a section that’s still under construction and in which we can participate through tickets that we win in the matches. At the moment there isn’t any more information.