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iStock ImageThe basic items that you need will be a video capture card, the more application to edityour computer, storage space in your computer and a camera, VCR, or you can display your movie on your computer display.

Let’s look at your computer . You’ll need at least a Pentium II 300 or faster, at the minimum of 256 Megs of RAM, but you will get far better performance with 512 Megs. You will also desire to have a 30GB drive that is split into two individual partitions. This usually means you will have a C: and a D. The C: should be awarded 10GB and will have all your applications stored there and the D: will be where your music, audio and editing jobs are stored. Your graphics card should be a 32 Meg AGP. You may take a 8 or 16 Meg but the quality will not be as good.

Storage is most likely the most confusing thing about video editing. Video manufacturers have many options for keeping their digital video files and that is the reason it may be so confusing.

Some times, you can buy the video record cards in addition to the video editing applications that you pick. Some of the popular video capture cards which are packaged with video applications comprise the Pinnacle Pro One which comes with the Adobe Premiere 6 full version, TitleDeko RT, DV Tools 2.0, Hollywood FX, and Impressions DVD. The Dazzle DV NOW AV may be purchased along with the Premiere 6 full version and the DVDit LE.

So, now all you want to do is to get the very best video editing software which you’re feeling comfortable with and off you go. You can find several different video editing computer software companies which provide their applications on a trial basis, this will permit you to test out the applications so it is possible to see if it’s the perfect software for you. But, keep in mind using the trial version you’ll be receiving the video capture card. You will have to buy it individually.

Having music together with your movie can also be achieved using a MP3 Converter that will allow you to convert your MP3 music into a wav file or the format in which you need for your video. You may also wish to buy a MP3 Encoder that will permit you to Wav or other formats into a MP3. A CD ripper is another item you might wish to purchase that can help with converting your CD’s into MP3, WAV, WMA type files.

So, when you begin be certain you’ve sufficient storage on your pc for the form of video that you would like to store.

One other software program that will allow you to life easier if you begin video editing is a MPEG Encoder that’s a really simple to use application that can make converting several formats easy than you can imagine.

The maximum you can get out of one sided 4.7 GB DVD is about 2 hours of video. If you’re using DV footage you’re likely to want 13GB per hour of video, this means you’ll require 26GB of storage and recall you always have extra footage which you will need to factor that in too so you’re now up to 39GB of storage area required. If you’re adding other options such as images, MPEG2 footage for the DVD and also the folder to hold it all then you’re now up to 50GB. So, for your 2 hour film you’ll need 50GB of distance at least.

What movie capture cards would be to put it in simple terms is that these cards use hardware or software compression to digitize your video onto the hard disk on your computer.

This way you’ll be able to edit your video and then play it back onto tape or display your picture on your computer screen.

On to the movie capture card and the video editing software. When you visit the electronics shop you will find many makers that create video cards. If you enjoyed this article and you would like to get additional details regarding Screenflow For windows kindly see our own site. The hottest include

The practice is effortless, everything you have to do is capture the video to you computer by means of a capture card, then edit your audio with video editing software and then download the movie which you edited to either tape or burn it to a VCD, CD, or DVD.